Iowa Peace Officers


SRO Steve Jacobs,  Council Bluffs Police Department

Steve Jacobs has been a member of the Council Bluffs Police Department since 2008.  During that time, he served many roles, including Field Training officer, a member of both Emergency Services Team and Honor Guard, a School Resource officer, and instructor of the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  


Jacobs is also a member of the executive board of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #1, the recognized bargaining unit for Council Bluffs officers.  Having served as a trustee for 3 years, secretary for 2 years, Jacobs is now serving as the Vice President since 2018.  


In addition to his many duties with CBPD, Jacobs is also a commissioned officer with the Nebraska Army National Guard.  


After sixteen years with the Guard, Jacobs still enjoys leadership opportunities across the state building off of his past experience of 2 deployments, Platoon Leader and MP Detachment Commander time, and numerous staff positions.  With his hectic schedule, Jacobs gives full credit to the support provided by his family in making it all possible.


Jacobs continues to look for new challenges and is honored to serve members of the Iowa law enforcement community on the Iowa Peace Officers Association’s executive board since 2016.

Officer Steve Jacobs

Council Bluffs Police Dept.